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Checkout the Explorer. Trade your HBIT HBC20 on DOCSWAP DEX or in Latoken CEX, Launch you Projecty using the DOCSWAP LaunchPad, and you can also create your token HERE To connect to HashBit Blockchain open MetaMask and click the Networks dropdown. Select "Custom Network". Now enter the following information:
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Tech & Utility The HBIT Blockchain is an EVM-compatible Proof of Authority blockchain, capable of supporting over 100,000 transactions per second.
It seamlessly integrates with Solidity and offers developers the ability to create and deploy smart contracts effortlessly.
But the excitement doesn't stop there! HBIT has many more features and utilities in the pipeline, so stay tuned for what's coming next.
For Developers Start with reading the docs.

Official EU RPC endpoint: https://rpc.hashbit.org
Official ASIA RPC endpoint: https://mainnet-rpc.hashbit.org
HashBit Blockchain Goals

HBIT's vision is to make the power of blockchain accessible to everyone, compatible with any wallet that supports EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchains.

For mass adoption, HBIT Blockchain offers transaction speeds of less than 5 seconds, a transaction cost below $0.000001, and the security of the blockchain.
With a TPS (Transactions Per Second) of over 100,000, it is one of the fastest, and it is extremely environmentally friendly, as it does not require miners but only selected validators.
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