HBIT Blockchain

Welcome to the HBIT Blockchain Home!.
From this moment you can start to understand how HBIT works, you can start interacting with the Blockchain, create your wallet and explore the big HBIT world! Welcome to the HashBit.org Community.

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Initial details:

Some technical details of the HBIT Blockchain.

  • 50 Billion HBIT Max Supply.
  • 49.5 Billion can be Mined.
  • 30 seconds Block Time.
  • Instant transactions notifications
  • Low Transactions fees ever.
  • Use HBIT from any browser and any device.
  • HBIT is "GREEN", Save the Planet!
  • Mine it, Stake it!
  • http API to interact with Blockchain
  • and many more...

How to get started?

need 1 minute

To get started you need to create your wallet, it takes a few seconds and all via your browser, follow the steps and get started.

  • Click "Create Wallet" Button and Create new Wallet.
  • Save your Passphrase to your local PC on a Safe Place.
  • Follow on Screen instruction to fully activate your wallet.
Create Wallet
  • Once these steps have been carried out, your wallet is active and you can interact with the Blockchain and its features without limits!
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HBIT BlockChain WhitePaper!

Read our WhitePaper for more information on BlockChain. All upgrades will be added when available.

Google Play Store
HBIT BlockChain on Google Play Store!

HBIT Blockchain Frontend on Android App, Easy to access, same functions. Enjoy HBIT Worldwide.