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Creating your own Token in the HBIT Blockchain is simple and can be done with 2 Clicks and 1000 HBIT Available in your wallet.

Your Token in the HBIT Blockchain

Do you want to release your Token/Asset but you don't have technical skills, you don't want to write code but you want to create your own business and interact in a simple way?
You are in the right place!
Creating a Token costs you only 1000 HBIT and a few clicks.
Press on and fill in the required fields, by pressing "Issue Asset Now" the transaction is sent to the Blockchain, if there are no errors and you have enough HBIT, within about 30 seconds you will see your Asset in the Balances page of the Assets menu.
All the Quantity created will be in your Portfolio ready to be distributed to your users.

  • Create your Token in seconds.
  • Low Cost of Creation, Transfer Fee of 0.00001 HBIT per transaction.
  • Available in the Decentralized Exchange immediately after creation.
  • Available on the summary page of all available Tokens.
  • Use the http API to send, receive and create applications with your Token by interacting directly on the Blockchain.
  • Send Dividends at the cost of a transaction to all your users with one click.
  • Official Assets:
  • BTC BTC (BEP20) = BTCH (asset id: 6866824828810382469)
  • BUSD BUSD (BEP20) = USDT (asset id: 11552128943856983194)
  • ADA ADA (BEP20) = ADAH (asset id: 14669997895043527722)
  • BCH BCH (BEP20) = BCHH (asset id: 2767362319597192896)
  • BNB BNB (BEP20) = BNBH (asset id: 17335150887345167783)
  • DOGE DOGE (BEP20) = DOGEH (asset id: 8487379776847721785)
  • ETH ETH (BEP20) = ETHH (asset id: 8107593124815913193)
  • LTC LTC (BEP20) = LTCH (asset id: 14985564300983260903)
  • TRX TRX (BEP20) = TRXH (asset id: 587072373370437484)
  • XRP XRP (BEP20) = XRPH (asset id: 6425609188506664386)
  • Deposit/Withdraw Binance Smart Chain Coin (BEP20) to Assets.
  • Fully automated.
  • Low Transactions Fees.
  • No Limits

    Thanks to simplicity, compatibility and speed, interacting and creating content, apps, games and more on the HBIT Blockchain is convenient. Transaction costs close to zero, extreme confirmation speed and many features!

    Start creating your Token in the HBIT Blockchain!

    Official Coin Listing

    It is possible to request to add your currency in the official Assets, if it is supported it will be created by Developers, with full support for deposits and withdrawals.
    Follow the Steps for more information:

  • Go to Left Menu/Inbox and send Encrypted Message to HBIT-CDH9-4XP9-VBE6-9D3SN.
  • Write your request and Developers Reply only using HBIT Encrypted Inbox System.
  • Follow Instructions to get Listed on HBIT Decentralized Exchange.