Duck League

Duck League


The first HBIT tournament with the Duck Shooter game.
Up for grabs 2.5 million HBIT.
Rules for Participating:
1: You need to log in with your Bitcoin address used on HashBit.
2: Each game costs 100 HBIT.
3: There are no limits to the games that can be played.
4: The best score is counted for the leaderboard.
5: The score is from the single game and is not added to any previous game.

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League END
15 June 2021!

Place Prize
1,000,000 + Mining Booster
500,000 + Mining Booster
250,000 + Mining Booster
4° to 10° 50,000 each
11° to 20° 15,000 each
21° to 50° 5,000 each
51° to 100° 1,000 each


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