HBIT Pay Button

HBIT Pay allows you to accept HBIT payments on your website, simply by integrating the form on this page, and verifying the payment via the available IPN url.
You will also find a sample form to understand how simple it is to accept HBIT payments anywhere and on any platform.
Code Example
<form action="https://hashbit.org/hbitpay_new_order_web" method="POST">
	  <input type="hidden" name="hbit_address" value="HBIT-****-****-****-*****" required>
	<input type="number" class="form-control currency-amount" name="amount_usd" min="0.01" max="1500000" step="0.01" placeholder="0.00" size="8">
	  <input type="hidden" name="currency" value="EUR" required>
	  <input type="hidden" name="order_id" value="THIS_ORDER_ID" required>
	  <input type="hidden" name="custom" value="CUSTOM_ID_TO_FIND_ORDER">
	  <input type="hidden" name="website" value="https://example.com" required>
	  <input type="hidden" name="success_url" value="https://example.com/success.html" required>
	  <input type="hidden" name="cancel_url" value="https://example.com/cancel.html" required><br><br>
      <button class="btn btn-success button-element">PAY NOW</button>
How to change it:
The modifiable parameters are the "values" of the various fields, the rest must remain unchanged.

  • name="hbit_address" -> "value"="" -> where the payments will be sent.
  • name="amount_usd" -> "value"="" -> and the amount in the local currency of the form (_usd must not be changed).
  • name="currency" -> "value"="" -> The Local Currency you accept. (for example USD or EUR or GBP etc).
  • name="order_id" -> "value"="" -> Order reference number or text. (number, text or both).
  • name="custom" -> "value"="" -> Extra reference parameter for the order. (number, text or both).
  • name="website" -> "value"="" -> Security by indicating your website (for example: https://hashbit.org)
  • name="success_url" -> "value"="" -> Where user is redirected to successful payment.
  • name="cancel_url" -> "value"="" -> Where the user is redirected if he cancels the order.

  • IPN Url to check payment status:
    IPN JSON Response:
    {"id":"5","order_id":"FX 1","hbit_address":"HBIT-****-****-****-*****","amount_hbit":"50000","amount_usd":"'5.00",
    "message":"123456","date":"2020-06-15 13:40:47","status":"1","currency":"USD","website":"https://hashbit.org",
    "txid":"d732782e5a5fe3ea60af066d37322118f994a7138e707b8b1adae12f86f5b806","custom":"PAY FOR vCPU FX Userid 1"}
    You can call up IPN every few seconds to check the order status.
    Each order is updated in real time, the status = '0' means unpaid, the status = '1' means that the order is paid successfully.
    If the status is 1, the transaction number is also entered which you can verify in your backend.
    Number of Supported Local Currency:
    Currency Ticker supported to use in the form:
    Logo for Button if you Need:
    Buy with HBIT Pay light
    Buy with HBIT Pay Dark
    HBIT Pay
    HBIT Pay Light
    The demonstration form allows you to enter the parameters and create an order, if you make the payment this will be successful and you will use real HBITs, so be very careful.