uTorrent allows anyone to send or download torrents uploaded by the HBIT community, this is just an example of how Cloud Data can be used, all files are uploaded to the Blockchain, have an expiration date, and anyone can renew the duration in the blockchain by clicking on extend, at the cost of the upload transaction.
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hTorrent is a decentralized service for the host of .torrent files, HashBit Blockchain is not responsible for the material posted by users.

  • To upload Torrent you need to be connected to your HBIT wallet.
  • The upload cost varies from 0.001 HBIT to 0.0001 HBIT depending on the file size.
  • The extension cost is equal to the upload cost.
  • A file has a duration of 14 days from upload or after an extension, when it expires it is deleted from the Blockchain.
  • hTorrent works directly with the HBIT Blockchain, it does not require databases or data storage on external servers.