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My Staking?

This page shows the Staking status of your wallet. Staking means Generating and validating new blocks in the Blockchain and keeping it active and functional.

Stake HBIT to Help Validate new Blocks

Info and Requirements
Putting HBIT in Staking allows you to generate new blocks of the blockchain.
Your HBITs will never leave your wallet, and you can use them at any time without having to unlock them.

- A minimum of 1000 HBIT is required to be able to stake.
- The Balance must have 1400+ confirmations to be able to Staking.
- As per White Paper, the redistribution of Fees is given to whoever finds the block containing Fees.
- The more HBITs you have in Staking, the more blocks you will help create.
- Staking in one of the Official Nodes is recommended.
- If you stake a node, it will be active on that node, if you change node you don't see active staking, always connect to the same node to see the staking status.
- If the node is restarted for maintenance, remember that you need to restart staking, a good thing to always check if you see staking active.
- If you do this on your node, remember that as soon as you close it, the Staking stops.